Furniture For Your Garden

Garden furniture is the final of piece of the jigsaw for beautifully landscaped and artfully designed gardens. Sure, you can get any old furniture and just chuck it somewhere in the garden. However, after investing time and money to make the garden an extension of your home, wouldn’t it make sense to make sure your choice of garden furniture complements the overall theme of your garden?

So how do you go about choosing the correct patio furniture for your garden?

You start off by determining its practical usage. How frequently and how long will you be in the garden? How many people will be using the furniture? Will you be constructing a roof over the garden or buying a parasol or garden umbrella? Will you be having barbeque, tea and dinner in the garden? How many regular guests are you expecting?

Once the practical aspects are covered, you can then move to the visual element. Is there a theme for your garden? What colour will complement the plants in the garden? Will you colour-coordinate the furniture inside the house and those in the garden?

What about maintenance? How quickly before the colour fade and rust sets in for metal furniture? How will wood furniture fare left exposed under the weather? How frequently do you have to paint, or even replace the furniture? Will plastic furniture hold up well under sustained use?

What is the size allocated for the furniture in the garden? Are they heavy, and can they be easily moved for regular garden maintenance (like mowing the lawn) or to prevent permanent scarring of your lawn?

Your budget will ultimately decide what type of furniture you will eventually purchase, but by spending some time on the questions above, you will have a clearer picture of the type of furniture you will be getting.