Metal and Plastic Furniture For Your Garden

Metal Garden Furniture

Metal furniture designed for gardens provide an endless choice of style and colour that will complement any theme or design. They are also relatively light, sturdy and in some instances, can be folded for storage. Price wise, they are also cheaper than wood furniture.

Nevertheless, the flimsy appearance of metal furniture is a major turn off for many garden owners. The perceived sense of luxury and elegance commonly associated with wood-based furniture is also absent with metal furniture.

There is also one little-known secret about metal furniture that many buyers are unaware of. Only furniture made from marine grade stainless steel are resistant to rust. All other variants will eventually succumb to the dreaded spectre of corrosion, especially in areas where the paint has peeled off.

Additionally, the paints used on metal furniture will discolour if it comes into regular contact with sharp beverages like coffee, tea and liquor.

Plastic Garden Furniture

What’s not too like about garden furniture made from plastic? They’re cheap, lightweight and durable. They are also resistant against punishing weather conditions, although warping does occur if they are exposed to the sun for long periods. Spills and stains can be easily taken care of with just a wet rage.

The cost factor means it is far easier to simply replace any damaged or broken furniture instead of spending time repairing or maintaining them.

Of course, its utter simplicity makes it difficult to match plastic furniture with any popular garden themes, or even match them with furniture inside the house. This is why they are rarely seen in professionally landscaped gardens.

As far as practicality goes though, plastic garden furniture is virtually unrivalled – and therein lies its appeal.

A note of caution: some compounds found in plastic and paint may contain chemicals that are hazardous.